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Recent Spike In Cyber Attacks

December 1, 2015

Over the last 96 hours we have observed a troubling spike in the number and severity of cyber attacks affecting Stevens.  Like most organizations, we experience attempted intrusions on a regular and frequent basis, and counter them successfully.  This latest round is different in both frequency and sophistication. 

Of particular note to the Stevens community is a significant increase in phishing attacks directed to Stevens’ employees.  Phishing can best be described as attempts by attacker(s) to gain information such as personal, financial, or account information by posing as a reputable entity. Numerous sophisticated attacks have occurred over the past 48 hours, and several of these have demonstrated some knowledge of Stevens’ organizational units and the staff in those units.  This increases the appearance of legitimacy concerning messages in question, making them more likely to succeed. 

We are working on addressing these attacks, including timely notification to recipients, prevention of subsequent inbound emails and network traffic from threat sources and blocking malicious web sites.  We urge all members of the Stevens community to be highly vigilant and to use caution concerning suspicious emails or similar activity.  You should not open any email attachments, or click on any links if the sender is unknown or the email is suspicious in nature.

If you have a question about the legitimacy of an email, web-form, or other communication you receive, or if you have reason to suspect illegitimate activity relating to this situation, please contact the IT Service Desk immediately by phoning (201) 216-5500.