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Technology resources and information to enable the success of Stevens faculty and staff working remotely.

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Information to help you setup and configure OKTA

Information Security supports the security and integrity of Stevens information.

Welcome to the Office of Learning Technology services page. Below you will find categories of our services, after clicking on a service there will be a "pinned" master article below the description. Please review the articles to understand what each service will provide for you. If you are looking to put in a support request for a service, select the link with in the article.

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* Access for myStevens, Email, Online Courses, Course Registration etc

Please check here for recent changes and updates to the Stevens network and computing systems.

* How to access your Stevens mail and set up Calendering

* How to connect to the internet, Stevens network and network services

* Information on supported software at Stevens as well as Stevens AppSpace, a cloud platform for software applications used in courses.

* Information on how to access Stevens' network drive "storage01" and how to restore a network drive

Information on requesting Guest Access for Non-Stevens members to be able to use the campus Wi-Fi.

* Site Creation and Modifications

* All you need to know about your laptop or Stevens issued computer


* General Information about IT and IT Services - Visit our official website at

Information regarding Stevens Phone System

Minimum requirements to have a laptop on the Stevens network.

Stevens AppSpace hosted by Apporto is a new secure, cloud-based virtual desktop solution for utilizing software applications utilized in courses. AppSpace replaces the former on-prem VLE starting the Fall 2021 semester. Learn how to become more familiar with this new platform today!