Listing of all classrooms with featured technology, pictures and quick guides.

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Babbio Center

BC104, BC122, BC202, BC203, BC204, BC210, BC219, BC220, BC221, BC 304, BC310, BC312, BC319, BC320, BC321, BC532B.


Burchard 118, Burchard 430, Burchard 514, Burchard 517, Burchard 714, Burchard 715.


McLean 104, McLean 105, McLean 106, McLean 119, McLean 218A, McLean 218B, McLean 414, McLean 510.

North Building

North Building 101, North Building 102, North Building 105

Edwin A. Stevens (EAS)

EAS130, EAS222, EAS229A, EAS229, EAS230, EAS231, EAS329, EAS330


C207, C315, C316


K228, K360


Morton 101, Morton 103, Morton 105, Morton 205, Morton 324


Peirce 116, Peirce 120, Peirce 216, Peirce 218, Peirce 220

ABS Building

ABS 301


Listing of classroom technology by room with pictures, quick guides, and basic trouble shooting tips.

Gateway South

GS021, GS024, GS025, GS121, GS122, GS123, GS216

Gateway North

GN 103, GN 204, GN213