Learn how to create meeting invitations in Microsoft Teams, as well as features as screen sharing, how to change your background and more!

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Pinned Article Microsoft Teams Meeting Toolbar

Learn all of the features of the Microsoft Teams meeting toolbar, such as raise your hand, recording a meeting, sharing your screen, and maintaining a conversation after the meeting is over.

How to create a meeting in a chat (one-on-one or group)

Go step-by-step in creating a meeting invitation with individuals in a chat.

Create Teams meeting invitation in Outlook (PC, Mac, or Online)

Create a meeting invitation for Teams using Outlook on a PC, Mac or online.

How to join a Microsoft Teams Meeting

This article reviews all of the various methods for joining a meeting in Microsoft Teams.

How to share your desktop or content during a Teams Meeting

Choose from sharing your desktop, a specific window, a PowerPoint presentation, or a whiteboard during a Teams meeting.

Change your background in a Teams meeting or a video call

Choose to blur your background or change your background to a different graphic in a video call or Teams meeting.