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* How to access your Stevens mail and set up Calendering

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Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange server is for non-faculty and staff accounts, such as consultants, vendors, etc. as well as for users needing special email data considerations.

Office 365 at Stevens

Microsoft Office 365 email is a cloud-based service for Exchange Online as an email and calendaring environment for the university. Log in directly at


MOBILITY: Work from virtually anywhere using trusted Office applications across your favorite devices--PCs, Macs, and mobile devices--and seamlessly move and work with your Office documents locally on your device or in the online environment.

SECURITY: Experience enhanced protection against email based cyber-security threats such as spam, phishing and fake URLs.

EXCHANGE ONLINE: Access email and calendars on the go and keep everyone in sync with any computer or mobile device. Mailbox limits are increased to a 50 GB size quota.

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Stevens Email

This is a general guide with information about Stevens email.

Mailing List

This is a guide for mailing lists at Stevens which are requested via the page.

Distribution Lists and Shared Mailboxes

Distribution lists are forwarding addresses which are used to send email to specific recipients. Users can send and receive email as a department\group email address when using a shared mailbox.