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Information regarding Stevens Phone System

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Factory Reset Stevens-Issued Phone

For security purposes, faculty and staff must to remove all Stevens data from mobile devices prior to disposing of a device or transferring a device to another individual.

Remove Cisco Jabber Docked Window

Remove Cisco Jabber Docked Window

VOIP and Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber, an application that combines instant messaging, voice, and video communication together that runs on your Windows or Macintosh computers, and on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. This application is available for faculty and staff.

Installation of Cisco Jabber (VoIP) Software

Instructions for installing Cisco Jabber client on a Windows or MAC

Cisco Jabber Client - iOS mobile device

How to setup Jabber client on iOS mobile devices

How to install Jabber from Self-Service Portal (Faculty & Staff only)

Step by step instructions on how to install the Cisco Jabber client from the Self-Service Portal.

Cisco Jabber Client - Android device

How to setup Jabber on Android devices