Software and Operating Systems

* Information on supported software at Stevens as well as the Stevens Virtual Learning Environment.

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Stevens Software

How to obtain and install software programs available online at


Help Articles for Using the Windows Operating System.

Mac OS X

Help Articles for Using the Mac OS X Operating System


The Linux Operating System

Mobile Devices

iPhone, iPad, Android

Virus and Malware

Information on Virus and Malware removal tools

Campus Printers (uniprint)

- public printers available on campus for a charge

Collaborative Tools

Learn how to use tools, such as Microsoft Teams for collaboration & enriched communication, as well as Microsoft Planner for project task management.

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Pinned Article How to install latest version of Microsoft Office using Office 365

Log into the Office 365 website to download Microsoft Office locally or use the online browser-based versions of Office.

Get Windows on your Mac using Boot Camp or VMware (Fusion Pro)

How to get Windows on your Mac to locally install Windows-only programs on your Mac. You can also use the VLE at

Printer Update

Due to the new network updates network printers must now be installed by host name rather then ip address.

How to install software from Self-Service Portal (Faculty & Staff only)

Instructions for faculty and staff using Stevens owned computer on how to install software applications thru the Self Service Portal.