Aspen 8.8

Acquiring Aspen 8.8

The media required to install Aspen 8.8 can be found on storage01. Please download the required files to a local computer by mapping a network drive before starting installation.
  • Drive: \\storage01\public
  • Folder: Aspen 8.X\Aspen8.8
NOTE: The public share is accessible to all staff/faculty, undergraduates and graduates.

About Aspen 8.8

More information about Aspen software can be found at the company's website:

Installing Aspen 8.8

1. Once you've logged into \\Storage01\public, open the Aspen 8.X folder



2. Select Aspen 8.8 folder. 



3. Double click Setup



4. On the installer screen select Install aspenONE products then click the button


5. Agree to the terms of use and click Next



6. Check the components show in the screenshot below then click



7. In the server address box enter then click Add Server



8. Click Next



9. Skip Installing aspenONE Drive and click Next.



10.  Click Install now



11.  Click Finish



Aspen 8.8 is now installed on your computer. If you run into any issues contact the User Support Desk.




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