Labview License Server

Configuring the Labview License Server

Step 1- Opening NI License Manager

  • On your Computer, hit the Start button in the bottom left.
  • Select All Programs and click on National Instruments.
  • Select NI License Manager.

Step 2- NI License Manager Preferences

  • In the NI License Manager window select the Options tab in the top left and then select Preferences.

Step 3- Adding the Server

  • A Preferences window should have appeared.
  • Check off the box next to Use Network License Servers.
  • In the blank text box enter the following
  • Select OK.

Using the Program from Off Campus

To use Labview from off campus you must be connected to the campus network via VPN.


Issues Accessing the License Server

Modifying the DNS suffix of your network connections may be required to access the campus license server. Please refer to the following link for directions on how to do so.


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