How to install software from Self-Service Portal (Faculty & Staff only)

Faculty and staff now have the ability to install software from the Desktop Central Self Service portal when using a Stevens owned computer. Below are the steps on how to install a software application on a Stevens owned Windows or Mac computer:

1. FOR WINDOWS PCs - At the bottom right hand corner, right click on the icon for Desktop Central as shown below and choose Self Service Portal. *** If you do not see the icon for Desktop Central as circled below on your computer, it may be that this software package needs to be installed on your computer. Please contact User Support Services for assistance. ***

1. FOR MAC PCs - In the top menu bar, right click on the Desktop Central icon, as shown below, and choose Self-Service Portal from the menu.

2. A window will open listing several software applications. Feel free to select INSTALL for any software application that you want to install on your computer. **Please note that if you try to install an application that is already installed on your computer, the installation will fail in the Self-Service Portal.


Please note that the Division of Information Technology will update this Self-Service Portal with newer versions of software on a regular basis as they become available. The Self-Service Portal will be available as long as your computer is connected to the internet. You do not need to be connected to the Global Protect VPN to install\uninstall software from this portal.

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