How to install Jabber from Self-Service Portal (Faculty & Staff only)

Please note that before you connect to the Cisco Jabber app, you must connect to the Global Protect VPN client and multi-factor authentication using DUO. Additional information on how to setup DUO is available here.

Faculty and staff now have the ability to install software, including the Cisco Jabber client from the Desktop Central Self Service portal when using a Stevens owned computer. Below are the steps on how to install the Cisco Jabber client on a Stevens owned Windows computer:

1. At the bottom right hand corner, right click on the icon for Desktop Central as shown below and choose Self Service Portal. *** If you do not see the icon for Desktop Central as circled below on your computer, it may be that this needs to be installed on your computer as well. Please contact User Support Services for assistance. ***

2. Scroll down the list of software to Cisco Jabber for Windows and select Install.

3. After the software is installed, then you can proceed with connecting to the Global Protect VPN and authenticating with DUO. Afterward, you can log into the Cisco Jabber client that has been installed on your computer.

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Mon 3/30/20 1:38 PM