Using Your Conference Room with Zoom

How To Connect Your Laptop to a Conference Room 

1. Press the ON button to turn on the Display. 

2. Choose your Display Cable. 

3. If connecting with HDMI plug in the HDMI cable and the USB cable for the Camera.

4. If connecting with USB C plug in the USB C cable Only.  

Conference Room Controls

5. Press the Laptop button to display your laptop to the conference room screen.

6. You should now see your laptop on the conference room screen.

7. Verify that you are connected to the Stevens Network and Start your Teams Meeting. 

Joining Your Computer to a Zoom Meeting via a Conference Room

1. In the Zoom application click on the settings icon located in the upper right hand corner.

settings icon

 2. Choose Camera. Under camera, select the name of the room’s camera. (You will see a preview of the room once the right camera is selected).

Zoom Camera Settings

3. Choose Audio. Under Speaker and Microphone, Select the name of the room’s speaker and microphone. (You can test the speaker and mic).

Zoom Microphone and Speaker Settings

4. Close Settings and Join your Zoom Meeting.

5. You should now be connected to your Zoom Meeting via the Conference Room. 


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