Mapping a Network Drive on Windows 10

Step 1

Click the Start ​menu Start icon, then click File Explorer​.

Step 2

In File Explorer window, click This PC ​on the left hand side.

Step 3

In the This PC pane, click ​Map network drive​.


Step 4

Unless you wish to assign a specific letter, leave the ​Drive​ field as the default letter.

In the Folder​ field, type the full file path of the shared drive you are attempting to access (ie \\\ms).

Select the Connect using different credentials check box, then click ​Finish

Step 5

A Windows Security prompt will appear. In the username field (top field) enter campus\username, with username being your Stevens username. In the password field, enter your Stevens password. If you plan to connect to this drive regularly, you may wish to select the check box next to ​Remember my credentials​. After you are finished, click OK.

Step 6

The network drive should now appear in your This PC (My Computer) section.

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