Microsoft Teams Meeting Toolbar

Microsoft Teams Toolbar


Video / Microphone
Turn your video on or off
Press the microphone to mute or unmute to speak

Video / Microphone icon


To share your screen in a meeting, you can choose to share your:

  • Desktop, the easiest option to show your screen to everyone in the meeting
  • Window, choose a specific application (ex. Web page in Firefox or Word doc.)
  • PowerPoint presentation

Share icon

To include sound from a video or presentation from your computer, check the box to Include System Audio right above Desktop

Include System Audio


Select Show background effects to blur your background (where you are) or select from a list of visual backgrounds. The ability to upload your own visual background is coming soon!

Show icon


You have the option to record your meeting. After the meeting ends, a *.mp4 file will be available in the meeting chat to download to share with others.

Record icon


Attendees can raise their hand to ask a question or give a comment.

Each meeting has a chat where attendees can ask questions and provide feedback. The meeting chat will appear in your Teams chat list during and after the meeting ends. Select the icon for people to add someone to the meeting or to view the list of persons attending.

Communication icon


Take control of someone’s screen to offer help.

Control icon


Leave / End Meeting
To leave or end a meeting,
select the phone to hang up.

Leave / End meeting


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