Pre-Assigning Breakout Rooms in Zoom

NOTE: The following instructions apply only to meetings in which all participants have Stevens credentials. For additional information about pre-assigning breakout rooms, please see this article.


Pre-Assigning Breakout Rooms Using Zoom in Canvas


First, create the Zoom meeting in Canvas:

  • Open the course in Canvas
  • Click on Zoom
  • Click on Schedule a New Meeting
  • Save the meeting

In order to create pre-assigned breakout rooms in this Zoom meeting, you will need to edit the meeting settings from the Zoom web portal. Please follow the instructions below.



Pre-Assigning Breakout Rooms Using Zoom Outside of Canvas


Go to the Zoom web portal by going to and clicking on Zoom.

Click the Sign in button.

Click on Settings located on the left side.


Make sure Meeting is selected within settings and scroll down to locate the Only authenticated users can join meetings setting. If the setting is not on, turn this setting on by clicking the toggle.

Confirm that the Meeting Authentication Options are set to MyStevens Username and Password:


If you have already created the meeting (in Zoom inside Canvas or directly in the Zoom web portal), click on the meeting, and then on Edit this Meeting

Note: If you scheduled recurring meetings, the pre-assigned breakout rooms will only work if it is applied to all meetings in the recurrence. You can't edit a single meeting in the recurrence and apply a unique pre-assignment. Please click edit All meetings. 



Skip the Schedule a New Meeting step and proceed to "In Meeting Options, check the box ..." below.


If you have not yet created the meeting (in Zoom inside Canvas or directly in the Zoom web portal), click on Meetings on the left and then Schedule a New Meeting.