Taking Attendance in Your Class

What is aPlus+ attendance?

The aPlus+ attendance platform is a flexible and comprehensive way of recording attendance that is integrated into Canvas. This is an alternative to Canvas Roll call and supports both simple and complex attendance tracking scenarios by providing multiple attendance collection options.

Click here to view the Fall '20 recording (30 minutes) on taking automated attendance 

How to Utilize aPlus+ attendance 

Here is how you can add the Attendance module to your Canvas Course navigation. Click here
Here is a quick review on Opening the Program for the first time. Click here
Follow the Attendance Set-Up instructions so you can lay out all of your course sections through the semester into aPlus+ attendance.

Click here for single timetable/multiple sections that share a timetable

Click here for multiple sections that each have their own unique timetable


Here is the General Navigation of aPlus+ attendance. Click here
Manual Attendance Recording is useful to specify who was in your course (physically or virtually) and what their status was.  Click here
Student Code Attendance Recording is used for students to check in to take their attendance. This option is preferred for taking attendance for a large volume of students in a few seconds. Click here
Zoom Attendance Recording will allow you to automatically pull Zoom attendees into your attendance regards via an integrated process. Click here
Seating Plans are where you can view and edit where you have students sitting and for which classrooms. Click here
Attendance Reports are available for faculty. This is a quick overview of several reports.  Click here
Advanced Options (Gradebook integration/TA addition) are available to automatically push values from aPlus+ attendance into your Canvas gradebook for participation grading.  Click here
Here is the Written User Guide  Click here

We're always happy to help! Do you have a question or an issue? Contact us using the Service Desk! 


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