Creating a form or survey in Microsoft Forms

Here are instructions for creating a form or survey in Microsoft Forms. Watch this quick video to learn how you can easily create a form step by step in Microsoft Forms. 

  1. Open a web browser and go to Log in with your Stevens email address and password.
  2. At the top left-hand corner, click on the waffle icon to see all Office 365 apps.
  3. Select Microsoft Forms.
  4. At the top, select New Form. Select Untitled Form and enter the Form Name and a Form Description.


       5. Now you can begin to start creating questions. Select + Add New and choose a question type:

       Choice - Use this option to allow users to give one answer to a question, or to allow for multiple choice answers.

     Text - Use this option to allow users to give feedback. To allow for multiple sentences, be sure to select "long answer".

     Rating - Use this option to allow users to rate by either numbers or stars.

     Date - Use this option to input a specific date as an answer to the question.

    Please note that if you want users to be required to answer a question, choose Required after selecting the question type.


       6. Select + Add New for each question you want to appear on the form.

       7. Once you are finished adding questions, select Preview to view a draft of the form. You can now determine if everything is set up properly.

       8. Select Settings and choose the final options for your form. You can also set the dates for when the form will be active, set the option if users can submit more than one completed survey, and create custom email notifications to individuals.





9. Now you are ready to send this survey/form/questionnaire to individuals for their submissions. Select Share at the top right-hand corner.

10. Do you want only Stevens faculty, staff, and/or students to answer this survey? If so, then make sure the first option is set to "Only people in my organization can respond." If you want to allow individuals inside and outside of Stevens to answer this survey, then make sure the first option is set to "Anyone with this link can respond."

11. Choose from one of the four options to share the link to the form.

        Link - Copy and paste the link into a document or email.  

QR code - Download a QR code for the form and paste it into a document or webpage.

Embed - Copy the code to embed into a webpage.

Email - Open a new mail message in Outlook to send a direct link of the form to your recipients.




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