Update Personal Pronouns in Canvas

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How to update personal pronouns in Canvas

All users have the ability to indicate personal pronouns in their Canvas profiles. The default is “None” and users can opt-in to displaying a pronoun if they wish in their User Settings. Available pronouns include:

  • None
  • He/Him
  • She/Her
  • They/Them

Personal pronouns display after your name in various areas in Canvas, including:

  • Comment Fields
  • Discussions
  • Inbox
  • People Page (Course and Groups)
  • User Navigation Menu
  • User Profile Page
  • User Settings Page

To select your personal pronoun

Open User settings from your Global Navigation Menu, select Account [1], then click on settings [2].

Click the Edit Settings button from the right side menu.


In the Pronouns drop-down menu, select your personal pronouns.

Click the Update Settings button.

You can view your personal pronouns in your User Settings [1]. Your personal pronouns will also display after your name in many areas throughout Canvas [2].

Do you have a question or an issue? Contact us using the User Support Services or send an email to support@stevens.edu


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