Troubleshooting Global Protect VPN

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Common Troubleshooting Tips 

1. Confirm your Stevens password 

Please make sure that you are using the correct password. If you are not sure of your password, you can set a new one at

2. Trying to log onto the Global Protect VPN on a Mac and it is stuck at "Connecting....its working" 

You have installed the Global Protect client for Mac and entered your username and password. If you are a faculty\staff member, it should prompt you for DUO authentication. The client tries to connect, but it says, "Connecting....its still working" and never completes authentication.

Please make sure that you are follow the steps as outlined at

3. Cannot install Global Protect VPN on a Windows machine

Users with a Windows 10 machine may see an installation error message when installing the Global Protect VPN client, as shown below.

To fix this issue, please click on the link below to install the Visual C++ package (English-US version). Afterwards, please reboot and then try to run the install for Global Protect VPN again.

4. When trying to connect to VPN, error shows that you cannot connect to Global Protect gateway

Users who experience any issue connecting to the Global Protect VPN may see an error message indicating that they cannot connect to the Global Protect gateway, as shown below.

To resolve this issue, click on the 3 dashes in the top right hand corner of this window and choose Settings. Click on the General tab and then click Sign Out.

Reboot your computer and then try to connect to the Global Protect VPN again.

5. How to get troubleshooting logs from the Global Protect client for Support (Windows and Mac) 


Right click on the Global Protect VPN icon and click on Settings. 

Click on Connection. Your VPN IP address is now visible. (* helpful tip to get your IP address when using the Global Protect VPN.) 

Machine generated alternative text:


Click on the Connection tab and view your IP address used while logged onto the Global Protect VPN.