Solstice Wireless Presentation

In any Solstice-enabled learning space on campus, faculty and staff have the ability to wirelessly connect and share content.  This guide will show users how to install the Solstice software, as well as connect and stream in a learning space. Users are able to connect to Solstice using Windows, Mac, iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones or tablets. If there is any problem during this procedure, please contact the TRAC Office at 201-380-6599 for phone support.


Installing the Solstice Software:

Find the IP address located in the upper right hand corner of any Solstice splash screen in a particular space on-campus. In this example we are using Babbio 212: 

Enter the IP address into your browser of choice. In this example, Google Chrome was used.

The following screen will appear, where you will then click the green button that says “Get the App & join”, which is outlined in red. After that, the Solstice installer will be automatically downloaded to your machine.

Browse to your ‘Downloads’ folder (or whever you downloaded the applicatiion), and locate the Solstice installation file. Follow along with the installation prompts. At the end, you will be asked to enter your screen name (you can just use your name). This can be changed at any time, and is simply used to identify individual users when several people are connected to the same Solstice at once, as mutliple users can connect at the same time.


The ‘Solstice Client’ program is now fully installed on your machine. We recommend you keep the Solstice application on your Mac doc or your Windows task bar so you can quickly access it connect in a classroom. 


Connecting Using Solstice

Double click the installed ‘Solstice Client’ program on your computer or tap on the installed application on your mobile device. Click on the tab that says ‘Enter IP’, and then enter the Pod’s IP address one more time.

Click ‘Go’, and a prompt will appear, asking for a ‘Screen Key’. This is a random 4-digit code that changes periodically for security purposes. This prompt looks identical on both laptops and mobile devices:

When this prompt appears, the Solstice automatically enlarges the Screen Key so that it is easier to read in the upper left hand corner of the Pod’s splash screen, shown below. Enter the key into the box and hit ‘Ok’.

Then, in order to mirror your screen laptop, select the option labelled “Desktop”. You are now connected and presenting to the Solstice Pod. 

We also recommed that you select "Settings in the lower left, and then "Automatically Share Audio with Desktop". This will push audio to the in-room speakers when playing video. 

Finally, the once you connect to room, you shouldn't ever need to re-input that room's address into Solstice. It should be saved in your "Recently Used" area of the Discovered Displays tab. All you'd need to do is select the room you are re-entering and input the 4-digit key to connect to the room. In My example I am reconnectiong to Burchard 118. 


Connecting Using Solstice with a Mobile Device

Download the Solstice application from the Google Play store or the iOS app store by searching for "Solstice" in the respective store and installing the app: 


If you are using an iOS device such as an Iphone or iPad, after connecting and inserting the key, you will also need to enable AirPlay and re-enter the key to share your full screen, 


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