Faculty - How to add links to Stevens AppSpace to your course in Canvas

Faculty and students may be able to log into Stevens AppSpace from their Canvas Courses. Below are step-by-step instructions for how to add modules for Stevens AppSpace inside your Canvas course.

On the left side navigation menu, select Modules.


Next, select +Module at the top right hand corner of the page to Add a new module.

Type Stevens AppSpace for the module name and select Add Module.

Select the + icon at the far right of the Stevens AppSpace module that you have created and a new window will appear.

In the drop down box, choose External Tool. A window will display the list. Select one of the following and choose Add Item:

- AppSpace Dashboard will allow an individual to log into AppSpace and view the dashboard with all available desktops and applications.

- AppSpace Engineering Desktop Direct will allow an individual to automatically open the Engineering desktop hosted in AppSpace.

- AppSpace Statistics Desktop Direct will allow an individual to automatically open the Statistics desktop hosted in AppSpace


Once you have selected the AppSpace Dashboard, scroll down and click the check box to "Load in a new tab".



Be sure to publish the module(s) as selected so as to appear green.


Now the module(s) will be available for your enrolled students and teaching assistants in the Canvas course.


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