Smartsheet Overview


Smartsheet is an easy to use collaborative work management platform to connect people, create processes and get visibility into critical information in real-time. 

The pillars of the cloud based platform are worksheets, reports and dashboards, all of which can be easily shared reducing the reliance upon email, chat, phone and in-person meetings for access to up to date information.

Information Technology encourages those who currently use a personal license for Smartsheet to transfer to the Stevens Institute of Technology enterprise license.

To request a new Stevens enterprise Smartsheet license or to transfer your personal license to a Stevens enterprise license, please fill out the license request form by pressing the button below and filling out the Smartsheet license request form.


Smartsheet Features

Worksheets look and feel like commonly used spreadsheet programs which makes for an intuitive user experience with a minimal learning curve.  Yet, worksheets have robust features to manage projects and other types of work collaboratively.  You can start from a clean slate, import from other programs or browse the gallery of pre-built templates

Key features of worksheets:

  • Automation features include the ability to alert, notify or request an update.  Other actions can be set up based on triggers that occur within the sheet. 
  • There are four different ways to view and manage your work: Grid view, Gantt view, Calendar view and Card view.
  • Sheets are built for easy collaboration with the "share" button.  This is an evolution from emailing static documents back and forth for updates.  Also, it allows multiple people to work on the same sheet at the same time. 

Worksheets contain the ability to create forms.  Forms can be sent out via a link or embedded in a webpage.  Responses are fed directly into the sheet as a new row.  

Reports provide a consolidated view of key information across sheets.  Like sheets, these can be shared with others.

Dashboards / Portals are the way to present information in a visually appealing and interactive way.  They are used to inform, present and collect information among other things.

Most common Smartsheet use cases:


Stevens License Features

The Stevens Institute of Technology Smartsheet offering provides benefits not available to those who purchase individual licenses directly from Smartsheet.


  • Unlimited sheets, reports, dashboards, forms, and file storage
  • Access to Smartsheet Dashboards
  • Simple login with your Stevens credentials using single sign-on
  • Ability to track solution adoption, update to content, sharing, and more via Activity Log
  • Ability to create automated actions such as approval workflows, update requests, and more



Who Needs to Purchase a Smartsheet License?

Anyone who needs to create and modify a Smartsheet needs a paid Smartsheet user license. To view or update rows in an existing Smartsheet, a free unlicensed user account is sufficient. A paid license is not required for such collaborators and is appropriate for many Smartsheet users.

Feature Paid License Free User
View Sheets
Update Rows
Create new Sheets, Reports, Dashboards, Forms

Modify Sheet Structures (Add/Move/Delete/Format Columns)

When sharing a sheet with a colleague to collaborate, be sure to use the person’s email address to ensure a simple login experience.



All Stevens Institute of Technology staff and faculty members are eligible to request a Smartsheet license.

The cost per annual license will be charged to the department at our negotiated contract rate.

You may also purchase a Launch 10 service package which includes 10 hours of dedicated time with a Smartsheet Solution Implementation Manager. The Solution Implementation Manager will work with you over the course of those 10 hours to build your workflow, sheets, reports, and dashboards. For more information on the Launch 10 package, please visit this page. The cost of the Launch 10 service package will be charged to the department at our negotiated contract rate.


Training and Support






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