Video Content Management System with Panopto

Beginning Fall 2022, the Stevens community will be able to utilize a new cloud-based Video Content Management System (VCMS) powered by Panopto to create, edit, manage and share video content. For more information regarding the Kaltura to Panopto Migration, please visit the Kaltura to Panopto Migration Knowledge Base Page.


Click here to access the latest Panopto training session.


What is Panopto? 

Panopto is a cloud-based video content management platform which allows you to create, edit, manage, and share video content.

Instructors can use Panopto to improve the learning experience for students by

  • recording live lectures
  • uploading pre-recorded lectures
  • allowing students to submit video assignments
  • facilitating the flipped classroom model
  • creating engaging course content with interactive video
  • record lab demonstrations with Panopto's multi-camera feature
  • giving feedback on student assignments through video
  • bringing an immersive video experience to the classroom

Students can use Panopto to add value to their individual learning experiences with the

  • smart search and discovery features
  • ability to revisit lectures and other course videos
  • ability to subscribe to video tags or faculty members
  • ability to take notes directly in the video
  • ability to ask questions, have discussions and leave bookmarks directly in the video

Want more ideas on using Panopto for teaching and learning? Check out 16 Ways You Can Use Video for Education.


Getting Started with Panopto  

To begin accessing Panopto visit Stevens' Panopto login page. You will need to authenticating using your Stevens credentials.  

Below are some videos to help you get started with using Panopto.

Topic Description Link
Record video How to record video using Panopto. Click Here
Edit video How to edit previously uploaded video using the Panopto editor tool. Click Here
Share recording How to share videos with a small or wide range of users. Click Here
Multi-camera recording A video experience with multi-camera recording using three cameras. Click Here
Download recording How to download a recording as an MP4. Click Here
Create quiz How to add a quiz to your Panopto video. Click Here
Panopto Search How to find videos in the video library and search inside the video. Click Here
Mobile Experience A demo of what the mobile experience looks like. Click Here
Analytics and Engagement How to view video analytics and engagement. Click Here

Using Panopto in Canvas

Below are some videos to help you get started with using Panopto in Canvas.  

Topic Description Link
Panopto in Canvas How to use Panopto in Canvas Click Here
Embed video How to embed videos anywhere in Canvas and played back on any device. Click Here
Create a video assignment How to create an assignment in Canvas so students can submit their Panopto recordings for grading. Click Here
Create a quiz assignment How to use a Panopto quiz as a Canvas assignment. Click Here

You can also find more how to videos and documentation listed on Panopto’s support site. 


Panopto and Zoom Integration 

As of May 18, 2022 Panopto and Zoom integration is enabled for all users. Integrating Zoom with Panopto

  • allows all recorded Zoom meetings to be automatically added to the Panopto video library
  • allows for online editing
  • allows smart searching of audio and onscreen text
  • provides control over sharing and the ability to add other Panopto features to the recordings


  • If you access Zoom within a Canvas course, your Zoom recording should save to the course folder in Panopto.
  • If you access Zoom outside of Canvas, your Zoom recording will save to the Meeting Recordings folder in the Panopto My Folder.


More Resources

Virtual Basic Trainings hosted by Panopto

 Wednesday, July 13, 2022, 1pm – 2pm EST register here.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022, 1pm – 2pm EST register here.

Open Office Hours hosted by Panopto every Thursday at 1pm EST via this  Zoom link.


To stay up to date on the Panopto Project please visit our Panopto Project Plan page.

If you have any questions, please contact us at


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