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Federal Title IV Financial Aid regulations require that institutions verify that students are enrolled and in attendance. To comply with this regulation, once per semester, after the Add/Drop period, Stevens must verify that students are in attendance.  If a registered student is not in attendance, Stevens must establish whether it is an unofficial withdrawal/walk-away.  If so, federal financial aid funds must be returned to the Department of Education.  If a student has stopped attending, Stevens must determine the last date of attendance and perform the required Return of Title IV calculation that determines how much Title IV financial aid must be returned to the Department of Education. 

Click here for a video overview of how the process works in Canvas

See below for a visual walkthrough of the process in Canvas: 

1. In Course Navigation, Click the Grades link

2. The Title IV Attendance Column in the Gradebook is pre-populated with 'N/A'. The Gradebook contains the names of students officially registered for the course.
Note: An attendance column in the Canvas Gradebook will appear within the class list the day after the Add/Drop period ends and will expire at midnight on the second Friday following.  

3. Click the attendance cell, enter either 'Y' for attending or 'N' for never attending.
Note: A student is defined as never attending if the student did not attend or participate in any class since the start of the semester. If a class meets more than once before the attendance column expires, the instructor has the opportunity to change the attendance column during the verification window.

4. Click Save to save your work and move to the next cell in the attendance column. 

Note: At a certain time which will be communicated to you, Canvas will automatically publish the attendance verification to SIS. 

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