Managing Teamwork with CATME


What is CATME?

CATME, which stands for ‘Comprehensive Assessment of Team Member Effectiveness,’ is a set of tools designed to help instructors manage group work and team assignments more effectively. It helps students succeed in their class-related team experiences and develop one of the skills that employers value most: the ability to work effectively in teams.

CATME Provides Tools For:

  • CATME Team-Maker: Assigning students to team;
  • CATME Peer Evaluation: Self and peer evaluations and rating team processes
  • CATME Rater Calibration: Training students to rate teamwork:
  • CATME Teamwork Training: Training students to work in teams:
  • CATME Meeting Support: Making meetings more effective:

CATME Helps Instructors to:

  • Gather information from students and provide feedback to students.
  • Understand their student teams’ processes, team-members’ contributions, and students’ perspectives on their team experience.
  • Be aware of problems that are occurring on their students’ teams
  • Hold students accountable for contributing to their teams.
  • Use best practices when managing student team experiences.

To view a video demo of CATME and learn more about the tool, please visit the CATME Website

To learn more about using CATME, please checkout the video tutorials below:

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