Email Aliases, Distribution Lists and Shared Mailboxes

Email Aliases and Distribution Lists

Email aliases are used as a secondary email address to an existing user mailbox or shared mailbox. It can only forward email to specific recipients. A distribution list is used to send email to a group of users, which can consist of faculty, staff, and students in Office 365 email.  A distribution list in Office 365 will appear in the Global Address List and can hold more than 10 users, which is an increase from our legacy mail system. Please contact User Support Services to request a distribution list for your organization or group.

Shared Mailboxes

Shared mailboxes are created to allow users to send AND receive email from a department or organization mailbox/email address. Multiple individuals within a department or organization can access the shared mailbox from the Outlook desktop client for PC\Mac, Outlook on the web, or on the Outlook mobile device app. With a shared mailbox, you have a central place to retrieve sent items, as well as use a shared calendar.

Request an Email Alias, Distribution List or Shared Mailbox

To request an email alias, shared mailbox or distribution list, please enter a service request or simply send the request to the Service Desk.

Modifying Email Alias Recipient List or Access list to a Shared Mailbox

In order to add or remove recipients from the Email Alias or Shared Mailbox, contact the Service Desk.


Listserv is the Stevens service that provides users the ability to create mailing lists for various needs. Clubs, organizations, and other miscellaneous groups can have a mailing list that will be able to reach any email address. The mailing lists can be easily configured, and have many customizations available. Mailing lists can have an unlimited amount of recipients. Recipients are not restricted by a specific domain, as such, any email (ex. or can be listed as a recipient.

Request a Listserv Mailing List

In order to request a Listserv mailing list, fill out the form at the following address:

Modifying Listserv mailing lists

To modify a mailing list, please use the Listserv website:

Alias, Shared Mailbox, or Listserv: Which is right for you?

Please refer to the below table as a guideline for which service best suits your needs.

Service Email Alias Shared Mailbox Mailing List
Max recipients 10 or less Unlimited Unlimited
Recipient Restrictions ONLY ONLY Any email address
Changes made by IT Staff IT Staff Mailing list admin 


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