OneDrive Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

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Who has access to OneDrive?

All students, faculty, and staff have access to OneDrive via Office 365. To log in, open a web browser to to see your dashboard of all Office 365 apps, and select OneDrive. Enter your Stevens email address for your username and your password.

You can also go directly to OneDrive by using All users can use OneDrive to store up to 1TB of files.

How do I log in and see my files?

You can download the application to your computer or smart device. If you have Windows 10, you already have it downloaded. Files in OneDrive can sync directly to your PC or Mac for access when disconnected from the Internet.

You can also download the OneDrive app to your iOS and Android devices, and log in with your Stevens email address and password.

Can I share files with my instructor, my peers, or non-Stevens employees?

Yes, you can share and real-time collaborate with files with any Stevens faculty, staff and student. View an online demo (2 min) to see how you can share files in OneDrive. Please review the article about sharing files for additional information.




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