VOIP and Cisco Jabber

Since Fall 2016, Stevens has been using Cisco VoIP for telephone communications. Included is Cisco Jabber, an application that combines instant messaging, voice, and video communication together that runs on your Windows or Macintosh computers, and on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.


Using Jabber from your computer or smartphone, you can:

​Instant message with individuals or groups — chat 1:1 with fellow faculty & staff members, as well as expand to a group chat.

Place and receive calls as if you are using your desk phone — callers will use your Stevens telephone number to reach you and will see your same phone number when you call them … no matter where you are or which device you're using.

Alternate between voice and video calls — easily switch from a voice only call to a voice and video call.

Search the campus directory — quickly find the phone number of the person you want to call and just click to place the call.

Check on availability — Jabber users can set their status, letting you know if they are available before you even place the call.



  • IM / video chat — send instant messages to others and collaborate over video conference
  • Presence — show others your availability status
  • Voice phone mobility — receive and place phone calls from your desk phone number to your computer or mobile device.
  • Group chat — chat with multiple people at the same time
  • Screen capture — take a screen shot and share it with others
  • Screen Sharing — share your computer screen with chat or video participants
  • File sharing — share files with others



        Download the Guide, How to Use Jabber Softphone on the right under FILES for more information.






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