Canvas Instructor Guides




What is Canvas?

Canvas is Stevens' Learning Management System. It is a power tool to help manage your course, deliver your materials, collaborate with your class, assess your students and distribute grades. Do you have a question or an issue? Contact us using the Service Desk! 

How to Access Canvas 

You (and your students) can access Canvas from the MyStevens portal page: Use your Stevens email address and password to log in.

How to Use Canvas

To learn about Canvas, please check out the step-by-step instructions, articles and/or video tutorials below: 

Topics Description Video Tutorials and Articles Step-by-Step
Start-of-the Semester Checklist Make sure your Canvas course(s) are ready on the first day of class. Article  
Announcements Share information with all students within your course. Overview   Instructions 
Files  Upload and organize files in Canvas. Video Tutorial Instructions
Grades Easily input and distribute grades. Overview Instructions
Grading Schemes Create grading schemes and post grades with weighted totals. Video Tutorial  
New Gradebook Easily view and enter grades for students. Article Instructions
Submit Grades Submit grades through Canvas. Video Tutorial  
Groups Organize students into groups. Overview Instructions
Modules Chunk your materials into topics, weeks, or units. Overview Instructions
Pages A page can be used to create content. Overview Instructions
Assignments  Create assignments and make them visible on the course calendar. Video Tutorial Instructions
Quizzes Create and administer online quizzes and surveys. Overview Instructions
SpeedGrader View and grade student assignment submissions. Overview Instructions
Inbox  Communicate with a course, a group, an individual student, or a group of students.  Overview  Instructions 
Discussions  Create, view and manage discussions in the course. Overview Instructions
Attendance Take attendance in courses.    Instructions
Chat  Real-time conversation with students.  Overview Instructions
Syllabus Publish your syllabus (which must conform to the Stevens syllabus template) in Canvas. Video Tutorial  


Additional Canvas Resources: 

We're always happy to help! Do you have a question or an issue? Contact us using the Service Desk!