Workday App for Android

1.To use Workday from your Android           2.  In the Play Store select Search. 
 device you will need to download                    Type in workday. Select Workday App 
  the App from the Play Store.                            from the suggested entries. 



3. Tap INSTALL to download the app.                        4. Accept the Permissions. Once downloaded 
                                                                                          find the icon for the App and tap it. 



5. Accept the EULA.                                                    6. Enter the word stevens when asked for
                                                                                         the tenant.  Press Sign in when prompted.


7. Enter your MyStevens Username and                       8.  Once Signed in set a pin to secure the app.
Password when prompted.                                                 Then set your notification preference.


9. Now you can use the App and enjoy the
benefits of workday on the go.


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