Installation of Cisco Jabber (VoIP) Software

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Client Available Operating Systems:

Download Location

Installation - Windows

  1. Download the Cisco Jabber file

Jabber Download Page

  1. Once downloaded, double-click CiscoJabberSetup.msi to begin installation.

    Double-click CiscoJabberSetup.msi


  1. Click Next to Continue the installation

Jabber Installation

  1. Read the Notices and Disclaimers and then click Accept and Install

    Jabber Installation


Jabber Installation

  1. Click Finish

    Jabber Installation

Installation - MAC OSX

  1. Download the Cisco Jabber file

  1. Once downloaded, double-click to extract Cisco Jabber Application.

Jabber Installation

Jabber Installation

  1. Once expanded, move  the extracted Cisco jabber Client to the Application folder

Jabber Installation


Logging Into Jabber for the First Time on Device

PLEASE NOTE: A VPN connection is required to access Jabber when working off-campus.  For more information regarding how to establish a VPN connection, or how to get access, please see the following Knowledge Base article: .


1. Click Advanced Settings



  • Under "Select your account type", select " Cisco Communications Manager 9 or later".
  • Under "Login server", enter


  • Click Save

3. Enter your username in the form of

4. Login to Jabber with your myStevens username and password


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