Course Setup Checklist & Publishing Course

Once you have your Canvas course, use the Course Setup Checklist to run through the steps for preparing your course for delivery. A course is hidden from students, until it is published. Also, your course must be published in order to send a message to students through Canvas Inbox. Once your course is ready for delivery, be sure to publish it.

To Access the Course Setup Checklist:

In the Course Home Page sidebar, click the Course Setup Checklist button.

View Course Setup Checklist

The course setup checklist will allow you to: import content, add assignments, select navigation links, choose a course homepage, add events to the course calendar, add TAs to the course, and publish your course.

Students will NOT have access to your course, unless it is published. Please make sure to select Publish Course before your course begins. 

You can also publish your course from the top, right side of your Home screen. Select the Publish button. If the course is unpublished, the Unpublished button will be red. Once published, the Publish button will be green.

Unpublished Course

Published Course 

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