Start-of-the-Semester Checklist

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To make sure your Canvas course(s) are ready on the first day of class, here is some important information to assist you in getting started. For more information about these items, click on the provided links.

Getting Started in Building Your Course

Organize your Course

  • Cross-list course prior to course start: If you are teaching multiple courses with the same content, please access the link to learn how to combine them into one Canvas course. 
  • Set up your course navigation: Go to Settings and under the Navigation tab choose the menu items you want students to be able to access. 
  • Publish modules and content: Modules, assignments, and pages can be published or left as drafts. If you are ready for students to view items, make sure these items have the green "published" icon. If you are still working on content, you can leave it unpublished until ready. 

Final Preparations




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