Install SolidWorks on a Mac using Boot Camp or VMware (Fusion Pro)

SolidWorks only runs on Windows.

There are two ways to install Windows on your Mac.

  1. Install Windows onto your Mac's hard drive using Boot Camp, a free program that comes with MacOS.
  2. Download VMware Fusion Pro from and install on your Mac.

*** If you do not wish to install a Windows environment on your Mac, you can run SolidWorks with optimal performance by logging into the VLE. For more information, please go here.


Boot Camp

This is the recommended method as your entire computer's resources will be dedicated to running one operating system.

Here's what you'll need to install Windows on your Mac:

  • Windows 10 .iso file (you can get this from MSDNAA)

Click here for the instructions from Apple to run Boot Camp on your Mac.

After the process is finished, you will have the option of loading Windows 10 or MacOS on startup.

Click here for the steps on installing SolidWorks on Windows.


VMware Fusion Pro

You can run a Windows workstation within the MacOS using VMware Fusion Pro. Please note, that when using Fusion Pro, your computer will share resources to run both at the same time.

After you've installed Fusion Pro, it will request a .iso Windows file. You can get this by requesting one from MSDNAA.

Windows will now run as a virtual machine within MacOS. After the Windows workstation has been setup, proceed with installing SolidWorks on a Windows computer.


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