How to access TrussAnaylzer in the VLE

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You must have Citrix Receiver downloaded and installed to use the VLE.

Optionally, you should also have OneDrive set up and installed on your computer so you save and access your files easily.

Files saved on VLE Desktops outside of OneDrive folders are LOST with each session!

Visit and log in using your Stevens credentials to get started.

Click to open the Windows 7 desktop. Click the install file that's downloaded.

Your Windows desktop will begin to load in a new window. You can access TrussAnalyzer (and other programs) from within this window.

When saving a file, make sure to save in your OneDrive folder, which can be managed on your machine using the OneDrive application or online at

When you're ready to disconnect from the VLE, shut down the computer using the Start Menu in the bottom left corner.


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