What is Storage01?


Storage01 is the campus file server, providing a central location for Stevens users to store their files. This machine contains all user websites and web group files.

In addition to Storage01 the campus home directory is now also available for Freshman students entering in the fall of 2014 only.


  • 250Mb of storage space allotted to each undergraduate student.
  • Accessible on campus by Mapping A Network Drive, or off-campus through VPN
  • Contains licensed software available to members of the Stevens Community (only reachable using a VPN connection)
  • Host a personal website*
  • Backup critical files

Note: Learn more about Web Space On Storage01.

Available Drives

Undergraduate Students, Faculty, Staff

Graduate Students

How to Use


You can refer to storage01 as the following names (for instance when mapping a network drive):

  • network name: storage01
  • fully qualified domain name: storage01.stevens.edu
  • ip address:



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