Storage01 Department File Services

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To access the "Storage01" drive off-campus make sure to sign in to Global Protect VPN.
Note: We will be moving away from Stroage01 to Box for content sharing in most cases.

Storage01 Department File Services

The process for provisioning a departmental file service begins when a department submits a request for network storage space to be used for shared work product. Requests can be made at  Once approved, Information Technology creates file space on network storage for the requesting department, creates permission groups as needed, and assigns users to the permission groups. Then the designated departmental file service administrator creates the desired directory structure and assigns permission groups to control access. Information Technology manages permission groups and their membership according to the directives of the file service administrator. The administrator utilizes the permission groups to manage access to the data as appropriate for the department's needs.

Creating and Maintaining

The first step in the process is for the requesting department to identify the departmental file service administrator. The administrator is responsible for managing access to the service and for interfacing with Information Technology when changes are needed. More than one administrator may be designated, but all matters pertaining to the file service should be directed to the file service administrator, who will liaison with Information Technology when necessary.

Once the administrator is assigned, Information Technology will create the service and create permission groups and assign Campus domain users to those groups based on information provided by the file service administrator. A common name prefix is used when creating permission groups so that a department's permission groups can be easily identified. For example, if a service is being created for Athletics, security group names might be prefixed with "pefs" (Physical Education File Service), for example, pefsadministrator, pefsaquatics, pefslacrosse, pefsvolleyball, etc. Users may belong to more than one permission group.

Once the permission groups have been created, the file service administrator can assign them to govern access to files and directories. File service administrators should be familiar with Windows file permissions, but if they are not, Information Technology will work with them to assist. However, Information Technology will not assume the role of file service administrator for a department. Managing file service access is not difficult as long as the permission structure is kept simple.

Only permission groups should be assigned to files and directories to control access. Individual user accounts should not, even if that means a permission group with a single user must be created. If there is a change in a user's job assignment, it is much easier to change their access if all access is governed through the use of permission groups.

Once the service is established, new groups and membership changes can be made as needed. The file service administrator can request permission for group updates at . 

Departmental file services are designed to store files and documents that need to be shared with others. Every Stevens faculty, staff, and student also has individual network storage space, which is where users' files should be kept when they are not to be shared.



If this knowledge base article has not resolved your issue please click here to submit  a Self Service Ticket.


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