Babbio 104

Babbio 104

Available Technology

Dual Projection 

Dual Projection Screens

Podium with microphone

White board camera

Wireless Microphones *Up to four microphones can be requested*

Solstice Wireless Presentation 


Ceiling speakers and front mounted speakers 

Please click the link below for a detailed User Guide for using the technology in the room. A hard copy of this guide is also located on the podium.

For all technology issues or WIRELESS microphone requests, please contact User Support Services at 201-380-6599 or for immediate assistance. 

Please contact to have markers replaced and whiteboards cleaned.

Basic Trouble Shooting Tips:

No image displaying from projector:

-Make sure cables are not damaged, if they are please contact User Support Services at or 201-380-6599.

-Please make sure your laptop is set to Duplicate mode (PC setting) or Mirror display (Mac setting).

-Make sure the correct source is selected on the touch panel.

No Audio from the speakers: 

-For VGA Connection, make sure the audio cable is secure in the connection wall plate and the laptop.

-Check audio settings on laptop to see if Epson PJ is selected when using HDMI, Headphones should be selected for VGA.

Wireless Microphones Not Working:

-Check to make sure the microphone is not muted on the Microphone menu page.

-Check on the Microphone to see if the switch is turned to ON position. 

-Check to see if battery is dead. 

Cannot Connect to Solstice Wireless Presentation:

-Please make sure you are on the Stevens network, Solstice is available to Faculty, Staff, and Students. 

-For iPad users, please make sure you have selected Screen Mirroring option.

-Please make sure you are typing in the correct four-digit key code, a new code is created every time you are disconnected. 

For more information on using Solstice Wireless Projection please visit

Touch Screen Control System Quick Guide 

Start up Screen: Touch screen to bring up options screen.

Options Screen: Select sources from buttons along bottom of screen.

Laptops: From the buttons in the center of the screen, select laptop sources.

Camera: Select Pan/Tilt/Zoom functions as well as camera presets.

Projectors: Select left, right or both projectors as well as screen-up and screen-down commands.

Microphones: Select microphone locations, as well as volume-up and volume down commands.

Power Down: Accessing the power button icon on the upper-right bezel will bring up the shutdown screen. Hitting the red Shut Down button will power down the system and return you to the Startup Screen.


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