McLean 510

McLean 510 Available Technology: 

•Dual 75” 4K Displays

•Ceiling Speakers

•Ceiling Microphone

•Built In Zoom Video Conferencing

•Auto Framing Camera

•Built In Audio Conferencing

•Solstice Wireless Presentation

•Touch Panel

•HDMI/VGA Wired Presentation

Who to Contact for Room Issues

For all technology issues or a laptop adapter loan please contact Client Support Services at or 201-380-6599 for immediate assistance.


Using Classroom Technology Quick Guide


This is a picture of the Mclean 510 user guide.

This is a picture of the McLean 510 user guide page 2

This is a picture of the Mclean user guide page 3.

Zoom User Guide 

This is a user guide for Zoom controls.

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