Babbio 210

Available Technology:

Short Throw Projector-  Two Epson Bright Link 1480Fi

Room Control- 7" touch panel located next to the white board.

HDMI/VGA Cables- located at the wall, below the center whiteboard.

Solstice Wireless Projection

Auto Tracking Camera: Located at the rear of the room. Tracking feature can be toggled at the touch panel. 

Video Conference Microphone: Located in the ceiling 

Speakers- Located in the ceiling.

Projection Screen -95” projection/whiteboard board combo.

For all technology issues or a laptop adapter loan please contact User Support Services at or 201-380-6599 for immediate assistance. 

Please contact to have markers replaced and whiteboards cleaned.

Basic Trouble Shooting Tips:

No image displaying from projector:

-Make sure cables are secured in the connection wall plate underneath the whiteboard

-Make sure cables are not damaged, if they are please contact User Support Services at or 201-380-6599.

-Please make sure your laptop is set to Duplicate mode (PC setting) or Mirror display (Mac setting).

-Press SOURCE on the wall control to cycle to appropriate source.

No Audio from the speakers:  

-For VGA Connection, make sure the audio cable is secure in the connection wall plate and the laptop.

-Check audio settings on laptop to see if Epson PJ is selected when using HDMI, Headphones should be selected for VGA.

Cannot Connect to Solstice Wireless Presentation:

-Please make sure you are on the Stevens network, Solstice is available to Faculty, Staff, and Students. 

-For iPad users, please make sure you have selected Screen Mirroring option.

-Please make sure you are typing in the correct four-digit key code, a new code is created every time you are disconnected. 

Cannot Connect to Camera or Microphone:

-Make sure the USB Cable is plugged in securely into your laptop. 

-Make sure correct camera and/or microphone is selected in your video conferencing settings.

-iPad users will not be able to use room camera as an external camera. 


For more information on using Solstice Wireless Projection please visit

Touch Panel Controls


Select Presentation Tab then choose Wall Input for wired (HDMI/VGA) presentation or Solstice for wireless presentation. 


Camera Controls

To use camera, plug USB Cable from the wall plate into the laptop. Select Camera Tab on the panel. Use the camera controls to adjust camera angles.  

Help Button

Tap Stevens Logo on the top left hand corner go Help Info. 

Audio Settings 

Use sliders on the right hand to adjust room volume. Tap Speaker icon on bottom right hand corner to mute volume. Press Privacy Tab to mute Video Conference Audio.

Video Mute

Press Video Mute button to black out projection screen. Press again to bring back projector image. 

Power Off

To turn off system press Shutdown button on the bottom left hand corner of the panel. 

Zoom Settings

Zoom Camera Settings

Open Zoom settings then select VIDEO tab located on the left hand side of the screen. Select the camera from the drop down menu. ***CAMERA NAME MAY VARY FROM ROOM TO ROOM***

Zoom Audio Settings

Open Zoom settings then select AUDIO tab located on the left hand side of the screen. Select the Microphone and SPEAKER from the drop down menu. ***MICROPHONE AND SPEAKER NAME MAY VARY FROM ROOM TO ROOM*** Testing your selected options is highly recommended. 



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