Access the VLE with Citrix Workspace for Windows

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Accessing Instructions:

Step 1: Downloading Citrix Workspace

Go to the Citrix Workspace Downloads Page, and find the newest version of Citrix Workspace for Windows. 

Click the link for the newest version, version 2010 in the example below.  

Citrix Workspace Download Page

On the next page click the blue button that says, "Download Citrix Workspace App for Windows".  

Citrix Workspace Download Page for Windows



Step 2: Installing Citrix Workspace

Open the file that you just downloaded from the browser or go to your downloads folder and open CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe. 

Opening Citrix Download

Follow the screenshots and instructions below to complete the installation:

Security Warning for Citrix Workspace

Click "Run"

Click "Yes" on the User Account Control window that opens and asks "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your Device".  If you need to enter an administrator password, do so.  

Click "Start" in the Welcome to Citrix Workspace window

Welcome to Citrix Workspace page

Accept the license agreement and click "Next"

License Agreement for Cirtix Workspace

Enable app protection and click "Install"

App protection for Citrix Workspace

At this point, Citrix Workspace will start to install.

When the installation is successful, Click "Finish"

Citrix Workspace Installation Successful

NOTE: You DO NOT need to add an account into Citrix Workspace.  Next time you restart your computer, and Citrix Workspace launches, you may be asked to add an account.  I've shown a screenshot of that prompt below.  Click "Close".  

Add Account page for Citrix Workspace

Part 3: Accessing the VLE

Go to and the Citrix Receiver will welcome you.

Click "Detect Reciever" 

Detect Citrix Receiver

If a new window does not pop-up, click "Already Installed"

Citrix Receiver - Already Installed

At the VLE sign in page, enter your Stevens username (WITHOUT, and your Stevens password. 

Click "Login".

VLE Sign om

Single-click the icon for the desktop that you want to open.  In this example, I'm opening the E120 Solidworks Desktop.

Citrix Storefront

Open the .ica file that downloads.  A new .ica file will be downloaded each time you to open a desktop and you will have to open the file to connect.

Opening Solidworks Download

Once you've connected to the VLE you are prompted to sign in to OneDrive. From here you can open the programs you need and get to work!  The screenshot below shows how to open and close the menu where you can set the VLE to full screen or windowed mode.  

VLE full screen or windowed mode

When you're done using the VLE, make sure you log off by shutting down the desktop running in the VLE.  

Shutting down VLE desktop


Reminder about how to save your assignments and files in the VLE

When using the VLE, make sure to save your files in Microsoft OneDrive, which is part of the Office 365 suite. You can access OneDrive by visiting

Log in with your Stevens email address as your username and your Stevens password.

To learn how to save your work and share files with others using OneDrive, please visit this KB article.

If you are having trouble access the VLE through Windows software, try using Chrome to access the VLE. 



If this knowledge base article has not resolved your issue please click here to submit  a Self Service Ticket.


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