Setting up the Global Protect client for iOS devices

Open the iOS App Store on a iOS device. Search for Global Protect. 

You should see the application, GlobalProtect listed. Click GET to install the app. 

After the app is installed, open the app. 

You may see a pop-up asking for permission for GlobalProtect to send you notifications. Click Allow or Disallow.

Now enter the portal address, and click Connect. 

You will see a pop-up message indicating that GlobalProtect would like to add VPN configurations to your iOS device. Click Allow. 

You will now be prompted to enter your iOS device passcode. 

Next, please enter your Stevens campus ID username and password. 

Please note that the Global Protect VPN will require multi-factor authentication using DUO. Additional information on how to setup DUO is available here.

Click Sign In. 

In the next screen, choose either of the options below.

Option #1 will allow you to accept a DUO push in the DUO app on your iOS device.

Option #2 will allow DUO to call you and give you a passcode to use to login.

Under Secure ID, type 1 or 2 and then click Complete Form to Connect.

If you choose option 1, then you can open the DUO app on your iOS device and accept the push.

Now you are connected to the Global Protect VPN for Stevens on an iOS device.



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