Access the VLE with Citrix Workspace for Chrome

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Accessing Instructions:

Step 1: Downloading and Installing Citrix Workspace

Go to the Citrix Workspace Page in the Chrome Web Store.  Click "Add to Chrome".

Citrix Workspace Chrome Extension

Click "Add app".

Add Citrix Workspace chrome extension

Step 2: Accessing the VLE

Open a new tab, and make sure your bookmarks bar is being shown.  In the upper left-hand corner click "Apps"

Locating Google Apps

In your Apps Menu click "Citrix Workspace"

Accessing Citrix Workspace Google app

The FIRST TIME you connect you will have to enter 

Inserting Account URL for Citrix

THE FIRST TIME you connect a pop-up window with asking "Are you sure you want to connect?". Click "OK"

Trusting connection to ""

Enter your Stevens username (WITHOUT

Single-click the icon for the desktop that you want to open.  In this example, I'm opening the E120 Solidworks Desktop.

Opening up E-120 Desktop

Open the .ica file that downloads.  A new .ica file will be downloaded each time you to open a desktop and you will have to open the file to connect.

Opening up E-120 Solidworks Download file

Once you've connected to the VLE you can open the programs you need and get to work!  The screenshot below shows how to open and close the menu where you can set the VLE to full screen or windowed mode.

VLE fullscreen menu option

When you're done using the VLE, make sure you log off by shutting down the desktop running in the VLE. 

shutting down VLE

Reminder about how to save your assignments and files in the VLE

When using the VLE, make sure to save your files in Microsoft OneDrive, which is part of the Office 365 suite. You can access OneDrive by visiting

Log in with your Stevens email address as your username and your Stevens password.

To learn how to save your work and share files with others using OneDrive, please visit this KB article.

If this knowledge base article has not resolved your issue please click here to submit  a Self Service Ticket.


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