Administrative Accounts At Stevens (SIS)


IT1 (Faculty and Employees ONLY)

IT1 (Plexus) is used to access the Student Information System

SIS is only available to Stevens employees on an "as needed" basis, when requested by their department.

  • User Name: Last Name_First Intital

For example: John Doe would be doe_j.

  • Password: Random, generated.

Change your password after logging in on the IT1 system (see menu on main screen).

Lost or forgot your IT1 (Plexus) login information? Submit a ticket, email or call 201.380.6599.


Faculty do not have to logon onto SIS after the IT1 logon. Administration and Staff are required to logon.  In order to log into SIS, you will need to know the following information.  If you do not remember some or all of the following information, you will need to call the Helpdesk at 201-380-6599.

  • System Number: 001
  • Operator Number: Your 4-digit Operator Number assigned by Information Technology
  • Password: Random, generated by Information Technology


Lockouts and Resetting Passwords

If you forgot your SIS login information, or are locked out of your account, you will need to either submit a ticket, or call the Helpdesk at 201-380-6599.

Problems Connecting to SIS 

Most people on the Stevens Campus access SIS through either SecureCRT or Putty.  Below are troubleshooting steps you should take if you are unable to connect to SIS.  If these steps do not work, it is suggested that you either create a Helpdesk ticket or call the Helpdesk at 201-380-6599 for immediate help.  It is possible you might be locked out of your account if these steps do not work.

Remember: SIS can only be accessed while connected to the Stevens Network.  If you are trying to connect to SIS from off-campus, you will need to first Globlal Protect VPN into the main Stevens Network prior to attempting to connect to SIS.


  • Basic SecureCRT Connection Troubleshooting

When first opening SecureCRT, you will be met with a similar screen as to what is shown below.  A small window will pop up in the middle of the terminal listing the connections you can establish.  Most users will only have the "plexus" connection listed.  Typically, all you need to do to establish a connection is highlight the "plexus" listing and then click the "connect" button in the middle window.  If this isn't working, then there might be a problem with the connection settings.



To open the session options for a particular session, right click on the session and select properties.  For example, in the above screenshot, you would right click on "plexus" and then select "properties" from the menu.  After doing this, the session options window for plexus should open as shown below.  There are mainly two pages you should be concerned with here.  First, under "Connection," the protocol should be defined as SSH2.  The Name field can contain any name, but most people name their connection "plexus."



In the SSH2 page, you should ensure the settings are set as shown below.  The Hostname should be "" and the port number is "22".  Make sure all other settings are identical as shown in the window below.  Typical users, may not have all of the options listed under "Key Exchange" - this is OK.



If all the settings are correct, and you are not locked out of your account, when establishing a connection to plexus, you should be met with a window similar to the one shown below asking for your username.



After typing in your username and selecting "OK", you should be met with the following window asking for your password:



If you've entered both your username and password correctly and are not currently locked out, you should then be brought to you plexus homepage, which should look similarly to what's pictured below.  You will need to then enter your system number, operator number, and password.  If you do not remember any of these, you will need to contact the Helpdesk at X5500.



  • Basic Putty Connection Troubleshooting

Putty is another client some users use to access SIS.  One thing to note about Putty, is that the session usually is NOT saved upon existing, meaning that you will most likely need to specify the hostname, and port number every time you want to connect to SIS.  

Upon opening Putty, you will be met with the following window.  Just as in SecureCRT, the Hostname is "" and the port number is 22.  When ready, click the "open" button to initiate the session.



When initiating the session, you might be met with the following error message.  Click "Yes."



Now the terminal window should appear, and you will be prompted to enter your username.  Press the enter key once you've entered the username.



Now you will be prompted for a password.  The password will not show when you are typing it.  Type the password blind, and then hit enter.  If the password is correct and you are not locked out, you will be brought to the main page of SIS.



If this knowledge base article has not resolved your issue please click here to submit a Self Service Ticket.


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