What is Turnitin?

The integration of Turnitin with Canvas allows instructors to automatically check for plagiarism once students submit a File Upload assignment. The system is designed to facilitate feedback between instructors and students on written work.


Two TurnItIn Tools Integrated in Canvas

Canvas features two ways to integrate Turnitin plagiarism-checking technology into your assignments:

  • Turnitin External Tool: The External Tool allows you access to Turnitin's full suite of evaluation tools, including Turnitin's online grading tools (Feedback Studio) and peer review system (PeerMark). When using the External Tool, you create the assignment and your students submit to the assignment from within Canvas, but all use of rubrics, feedback tools, and scoring takes place in Turnitin.
  • Turnitin Plagiarism Framework (NEW): For instructors who would like to receive a Turnitin similarity report on their student submissions while continuing to use Canvas's built-in tools for rubrics, feedback, peer review and scoring. Incorporating the Plagiarism Framework into a Canvas assignment is quick and easy, and you can use it for group assignments. If you want to enable TurnItIn Plagiarism Framework, please contact support@stevens.edu. Currently, it is only enabled by requests. For more information, please refer to TurnItIn Plagiarism Framework Teacher Guide. 

See this External Tool vs. Plagiarism Framework feature comparison chart.

Using the TurnItIn External Tool in Canvas 

STEP 1: Set up a Turnitin assignment in Canvas

1. Click into your course site.

2. Select Assignments on the course navigation menu.

3. On the Assignments page, select the + Assignment button to create a new assignment.


5. The assignment will display in edit mode. (1) Create the assignment title. (2) Click in the rich content editor box to write the assignment directions (3) Enter the points the assignment will be worth. (4) Next to Assignment Group select the desired assignment group for the assignment. (5) By default, the grading type will be set at Points. Next to Display Grade as select the desired option from the drop-down menu. 


4. Scroll down to the Submission Type options. (1) Next to submission type select External Tool(2) Click Find next in the External Tool URL box.


5. A dialog box will appear. In the dialog box a list of installed external tools will display. Scroll down the list and select Turnitin LTI API. Click Select. A URL for Turnitin will appear in the text box.


6. Finish editing the assignment settings. Under Assign, configure a Due date and availability dates. Click Save or Save & Publish at the bottom.



STEP 2: Configuring Turnitin Settings

1. Once the assignment is saved the Turnitin Assignment Dashboard will appear. Make sure the Start Date [1]Due Date [2], and Feedback Release Date [3] fields are all correctly filled out to match the Canvas assignment settings. The Feedback release date is the date when students can begin review comments and grades the instructor posted in Turnitin. Find more settings by clicking on the Optional Settings [4] gear, and read a short description of each setting by hovering over the blue question marks.


2. Be sure to click Submit when done editing Turnitin settings. Congratulations, your Turnitin assignment is now created. 

How to View Student Submissions and Originality Reports

View Similarity Reports in the Turnitin Assignment Inbox

The Turnitin Assignment Inbox lists all student submissions with similarity scores. Clicking on an individual score launches the complete report. Turnitin generates originality reports either upon submission, 24 hours after resubmission, or the due date, depending on the assignment settings. 

View Similarity Reports through the Speedgrader 

Speedgrader displays the similarity score next to the submission details. Select the similarity percentage from the right-hand side of Speedgrader. This will take you into the Turnitin Similarity Report.



For full instructions on how to use Turnitin, please check out our workshop recording.

Do you have a question or an issue? Contact us using the Service Desk or send an email to support@stevens.edu


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