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This website is a central location for software used by Stevens students and faculty in courses. All software on this site is owned by the Stevens Institute of Technology. Access to this website for faculty is based on current employment status. Current students and faculty will have permissions to access this website. All software from \\storage01\public has been moved to this website. Users can access this website and download software from on and off-campus. VPN access to the campus network is not required to access this site.

Please note that some applications are several GBs in size and require a stable Internet connection to successfully download. If your Internet connection becomes disrupted during download, you may need to restart the download again.

Steps for downloading software from this site

1. Open a web browser to and log in with your Stevens email address and password.

2. At the top, you will see software categories for Windows, Mac and Linux.

3. Click on the software category for your computer. You should now see a list of listed software applications.

4. Choose the folder for the application you want to download and then click Download at the top menu bar.


5. A pop box will appear. Click OK to save the zipped folder of all of the contents in this application folder onto your computer.



6.  After the zipped folder has downloaded, you can now extract the files and proceed with installation of the application.

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