Zoom Setup & Configuration

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Setup & Configuration 

To prepare to use Zoom, please install Zoom Desktop Client, which offers the best available Zoom experience. 

Set Up Zoom

Zoom Desktop Client: 

1. To download the app at https://stevens.zoom.us/download, click on Download under Zoom Client for Meetings

2. After installing the app, you will see a login screen. Click Sign In and then Sign In with SSO


3. When prompted for company domain, type stevens.zoom.us


4. Enter your Stevens username and password.  

After you install the Zoom Desktop Client, you can also access Zoom via: 

Zoom Web Portal 

If you would like to access Zoom from a web browser, please sign in using these instructions.

The Zoom web client allows you to join a Zoom meeting without downloading any plugins or software but has limited features. It functions best in Google Chrome

Zoom Web Portal: 

  1. Go to https://stevens.zoom.us/ or my.stevens.edu 

  1. Click Sign in and log in with your Stevens credentials 

Zoom on a Mobile Device  

If you would like to use Zoom on a mobile device, please install the Zoom Mobile App. The Mobile App lets you to participate in Zoom meetings when you’re on the go. 

Zoom on a Mobile Device: 

  1. Install the app at one of these links: iOS | Android 

  1. Tap Sign In

  1. Tap the SSO option. 

  1. When prompted for a company name, enter stevens.zoom.us and tap Continue


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