How to Schedule and Start a Zoom Meeting in Canvas

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How to Schedule a Meeting in Canvas

Zoom Meetings can be scheduled from within a Canvas Course directly. Users access the Zoom for Canvas tool from the navigation area for the course. The landing page shows information on upcoming meetings and previous meetings.

Any user with the correct permissions will see the Schedule a New Meeting button. 

Schedule a meeting

Click the Schedule a New Meeting button to display the Schedule a Meeting page.

Schedule a new meeting

Fill out the meeting settings: 

  • Topic: the title of your meeting
  • When: select a date and time for the meeting
  • Duration: total amount of time the meeting will be run for (you can enter a meeting early)
  • Select Recurring meeting if the meeting will occur more than once. Enable the Recurring meeting checkbox if you need to schedule daily, weekly, or monthly recurrences of a meeting. When this checkbox is enabled, you can customize the number of meetings and how frequently they occur. When you schedule a recurring meeting, you can expand it in list of upcoming meeting. 
  • Host/Participant: select whether you'd like your/your participants' video to automatically be turn on or off
  • Meeting Options

Click Schedule. You will now see the conference appear under 'Upcoming Meetings'. 

Once your meeting is scheduled, students will get notified via their Canvas Inbox. By default, students also receive an email notification for all Inbox messages. In addition, the meeting will appear on their Canvas Calendar.


How to Start a Meeting in Canvas

Click the Start button to launch a scheduled meeting in Canvas.

Start a meeting

Host a Meeting Interface 

Zoom Interface


Tool Bar


To learn more about using Zoom in Canvas, please refer to the Using Zoom in Canvas Knowledge Base.



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