How to View and Share a Zoom Recording in Canvas

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How to View a Zoom Recording in Canvas 

Click the Cloud Recordings tab to see the list of meetings that you recorded. If the recording is not ready, it will show a status of “processing”. When the recording is ready, you can play, share, or download the recording.

View recording


Share & Download a Zoom Recording

  1. Click a meeting topic to see the recordings files available for the meeting. Each meeting has multiple recordings, including a combined Audio/Video file and an Audio Only file.
  2. Click the Share link or Download link below the file.

Down a recording

3. When you click the Share link, the following dialog displays. Click the Copy button to copy the recording links to the clipboard. This lets you share the copied links with anyone you choose.

Share a recording


4. Click the Download link below a file to download that file to the computer you are currently using. 


To learn more about using Zoom in Canvas, please refer to the Using Zoom in Canvas Knowledge Base.

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