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The most commonly asked questions regarding Microsoft OneDrive.
Downloading Citrix is necessary to use the VLE and is available on all devices. Learn how to download Citrix Receiver on a Windows PC or Mac.
Academic continuity planning is a vital initiative of teaching and learning with technology. Having digital access to plans and opportunities to continue your engagements with students in the event of some type of physical barrier allows Stevens to continue course delivery.
Although SolidWorks will run only on Windows, learn more about what options exist for Mac users.
Learn how to install Citrix Workspace for Windows and connect to the Stevens Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).
Learn how to connect to the Administrative Desktop in the VLE.
Learn how to save your files to OneDrive while working in the VLE.
Here are a list of common problems users face when using the VLE, and ways to resolve them.
Learn how useful the VLE is for Mac users.
You can access various Windows-only Microsoft programs without locally installing them using the VLE.
Learn how to access TrussAnalyzer without locally installing it on your machine by using the VLE.
Students and faculty in the Visual Arts & Technology program can use all of the Adobe Creative Cloud applications within the VLE.
Learn how to log into the VLE from your PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android devices to be able to access specialized software, such as SolidWorks, Matlab, Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Project and Visio.
Here are steps on how to use the VLE on iOS devices.